Our Services

Our Services

Residential Apartment Management We manage private properties under the time-honored "family office" model, providing comprehensive services that include locating tenants; rent collection; ongoing maintenance; rental agreements; and short-term rentals.

Public Housing Management

Initiation, construction, and management of public housing projects; closing agreements with government agencies; collection; collateral management; maintenance; and licensing.

Building & Commercial Complex Management

Registration of condominiums; rental and locating tenants; rent collection; maintenance; collateral management; and licensing.

Land Management

Management and ongoing supervision; land sale, acquisition, and leasing; partnership dissolution; land betterment; analysis of building plans and preparation of professional opinions; management of appraisers and preparation of appraisals; preservation planning; and registration of rights.

Construction Project Management

Selection of project team, including contractor, supervisor, and architect; licensing; tenders; budget; planning; and supervision.

Property Improvement & Renovation Management

Locating potential deals; project management; maximizing revenues; and urban renewal.